History of cloud computing

Cloud computing is the most important trends in the information technology industry. Even the biggest critics seemed to agree that: cloud computing is one of the most important model changes of the past decade. But that is all and it comes from? And the history of the cloud formation developed?

Cloud computing has evolved through a number of stages which include grid and utility computing, application service provider (Application Service Provider), and software as a service (Software as a Service).

Supercomputers can simulate the much smaller individual servers (virtualization) so their businesses can turn to information technology applications to this new model.

Instead of the data center (Data Centre) is the only place to put the server, they can start offering virtual server services, allow new business models to be deployed.

IBM’s technology is too fast and strong, can see the project Kittyhawk can simulate the entire Internet.

In the past, there are two ways to create a super computer. Firstly, there is the Blue Gene prototype approach with this approach, creating a giant machine with thousands (or hundreds of thousands) processor (CPU). The other approach, like Google, are using hundreds of even thousands of small low-cost computers and connect them together as a (cluster) that they all work together like one big computer.

Basically, the super computers have multiple processor plugged into a computer, share a common memory and on/off, while the cluster is made up of many smaller machines, each of which contains a fewer number of processors , in memory and on/off.

And the article by Nick Carr did a good job is stirring up the concept again, but it has become clear that the concept of “The Cloud” had the development, this is a concept that originated in grid computing (grid Computing), computing/bunch cluster (clustering computing).

To discuss a number of issues around cloud computing concepts should think that it is important to put it in historical context. Look at the precursor of cloud computing, and the problems encountered, that give us the reference points to guide through the challenges need to be overcome before it was widely accepted.