What is Cloud Computing? How is the application?

Cloud computing

According to the IEEE Computer Society Organization “It’s model in which information is stored in servers on the Internet and will only be stored temporarily at the client computer, including personal computer, Entertainment Center, computers in business, computer, handheld media… “. Cloud computing is the overall concept includes concepts such as Web 2.0, software services and other issues appeared recently, featured technology trends, in which the subject matter is primarily based on the Internet in response to the computing needs of users. For example, Google App Engine service offers online business applications usually can access from a web browser, while the application and portion of data are stored on the server.

In General, only to read the language style as above, then not everyone understands. Please explain basically with a few concepts:

  1. The cloud (Cloud) here is the news server, the server has an internet connection, is used to store data.
  2. Computing: means the computer, computer, … computing is generally all the operation, use, the purpose of it all depends on the clouds above.

Within the scope of this article, it is not mentioned far deeper problems, just mention the concepts and uses of the cloud has already said above: storage, backup data…

Archive and backup data

Can tell out here quite a lot data hosting services like: Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive (of microsoft), copy, box or 1 service of Vietnam’s famous kleii

This service is provided for the user 1 blank range several gb (like dropbox are currently in use is 2 GB. With this 2 GB capacity enough for 1 ordinary user to archive the documents as doc, exel, a few photo albums, … Users will download the software, after installation, the software will synchronize with your computer. That is when you copy 1 file to partition (e.g. dropbox) on the computer, the system will automatically load the file onto the server of dropbox (encrypted data). When you edit, on the server will also edit.

  1. All photos are uploaded to facebook and flickr. should just pull it down h now is done.
  2. The document files are already sys to dropbox. H now also simply reinstall the software
  3. Therefore, the hard drive is corrupted, however, more data lost but the most valuable data is still. Truth is great.

    Here I share with you a few tips.

    1. You should set yourself 1 synchronization software, recommended: Dropbox, Google Drive. If you are the Office, or student, sky drive is the priority. SkyDrive sync very well with Microsoft office products. In addition, sky drive also supports crisis capacity to 25 GB. Enough for you to save big off the leash;
    2. With the photo album, upload the online storage site such as Flickr, Picasa web, Pinterest, photo bucket. All these pages are: public, private mode so comfortable about private, okay.
    3. Benefits of cloud computing

      -Free of charge

      -Easy access

      -Self service capabilities



      -Shared resources

      -Ability to link

      -The ability to automate

      -Ability to identify terminals


      -Absolute peace of mind

      The processor of large computer systems were designed to support virtualization technology and allow the transfer of the command or the sensitive process of virtual machines can influence directly to system resources for the server processing, then virtualization layer will simulate results to return to the virtual machine. However not all matches are processors that support virtualization. The old processor on the desktop does not support this functionality. Today the two major processor manufacturers in the world are Intel and AMD are trying to integrate virtualization technology into their products.