Why Vietnam VPS Always More Expensive than Abroad VPS

Many of you are intending to use the service VPS (virtual servers) of Vietnam providers often ask why with same configuration but the price is always more expensive than foreign VPS. This article will give you a satisfactory answer.

Costs for infrastructure, setting page in Vietnam is quite expensive

In Vietnam, this is the one thing not needed saying but who knows. If an item of technology in America are sold cheap as for then when about Vietnam, it was double the price, even triple, quadruple. Really hard for Vietnam businesses if just want to get high quality equipment just to be an affordable price for our customers. High investment costs have forced them to raise product prices to ensure profitable business.

Operational model of the Vps service provider in Vietnam is completely different with foreign countries

Foreign companies often offer VPS “Unmanaged”: means they only worry about the infrastructure and you will have to manually install and configure everything from operating systems to the web server, as well as resolve themselves during processing, the error related to the software. This is a pretty thing if you want to make use of the advantages that a VPS delivers (as compared to shared hosting) but don’t know much about it.

Meanwhile, the Vietnam business back to provide VPS form “Semi-Managed”: that is, they can assist you with virtually everything when asked. Usually, when using a VPS service in Vietnam, you can ask the technical staff install and configure everything needed, enough to operate a website, as well as send ticket request support in overcoming the problems arising in the the process used (including hardware and software). The supported by Vietnamese so you will not encounter the difficulties related to yourself.

If the offer price comparisons of the VPS provider to Vietnam with the semi-automatic service provider Managed or Managed other (foreign), such as HostGator, StableHost or Hawkhost, … you will see that price a little expensive does not , even pretty cheap.

Two causes above are the reason VPS service prices in Vietnam are usually higher than foreign suppliers.